The new Ànima model by Estiluz is signed by the designer Roger Vancells. It is a hanging lamp that combines beauty and sensuality, expressivity and warmth in equal parts. In the words of its creator, “it is inspired by the Hitodama, which — according to Japanese folklore— represent the wandering souls of the recently deceased, which float in the air, taking on the shape of a bright flame”.

Perfect in any kind of contemporary space, this design with its elliptic shape frames a beam of light defined by a play of light and shade, which accentuates and highlights its delicate limits with curved contours. Available in white, the piece adds a dynamic air to any room thanks to its rigid polyurethane foam shade, which perfectly combines with the cloth cable in black.

Hidden under its skin, a heart of LED technology illuminates the inside of its body and projects a strong beam of direct light, which ensures homogeneous light in any space, at the same time as it adds a touch of personality.

The designer

Roger Vancells

Roger Vancells is an industrial designer born in Barcelona in 1978.

Trained as an industrial designer at ESDAP LLotja and subsequently at Escola Massana, his interest in this profession grew from a curiosity to discover and a desire to share what the “things” surrounding us are like.

This enduring curiosity is what allows him to grow, and provokes the motivation required to continue learning day by day, searching for new paths on every project. He currently combines this personal work with the co-management of www.nuklee.com, a studio that centres its activity on conceptualising and designing both objects and spaces, creating experiences that bring people and brands together in one same nucleus.
















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