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Designers Serge and Robert Cornelissen are the creators of PIU, an LED wall sconce that generates a pleasant ambience lighting in living spaces (residential and contract).

An elegant, functional minimalist look with an architectural approach: the asymmetrically folded plate is an architect’s interpretation of the “form follows function” principle on which the PIU design is based. This intuitive approach generates the visually rich shape that makes the lamp look different from every view angle. Functional indeed, yet with a subtle touch of poetry.

Offered as a standard in white and primer finish, this concept is suited also for a contemporary selection of vibrant colours. Primer finish allows you to paint it in the colour of your preference, using wet paint.

The designer

Serge & Robert Cornelissen

Serge Cornelissen stands for 20 years of experience in the design of architectural lighting products.

Starting his career as graduated architect, Serge Cornelissen's approach to product design has continued to demonstrate a particular love for architecture, visible in the sense of proportion and detail of every design.so, this architectural background has led to a thorough acknowledgement of the particular role of lighting solutions in their architectural context, enhancing the chances of a product's success on the market.

The intent of each new design project is to combine aesthetical, technical and economic constraints into a coherent concept with a clear mission to fulfil a certain lighting need. As these constraints are different every time, each new design has to start from scratch, with a single line on a white sheet of paper. For that reason, the designs by Serge Cornelissen are not characterized by an own recognizable style or a designer's signature justifying certain aesthetical choices. Instead, the bureau's philosophy is that the field of architectural lighting is just as diverse as architecture itself.

Serge Cornelissen designs are regularly r...
















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