shadow T-2935 pendant, suspension, restaurants
shadow T-2935 pendant, suspension
shadow T-2935 pendant, suspension restaurant
shadow T-2935 pendant, suspension houser

Created by Jordi Vayreda Project team design studio, SHADOW is a hanging light with a captivating, attractive design. The shade comprises a set of identical rectangular pieces of bent lacquered aluminum and an internal polycarbonate infuser that distributes the light evenly throughout the lamp.
The light expands through the top and bottom via its components, casting an evocative play of warm, carefully-designed light and shade. It is available in matt white and sand colours. Versatility marks the design of SHADOW, which as well as being perfectly suitable for the domestic environment, has been specially designed for contract spaces such as shops, hotels, porches, offices and restaurants. SHADOW was Estiluz's first ever lamp suitable for outdoor use. It is so unique that it is alrnost a sculptural object for large roorns or double ceilings.
SHADOW is a  larnp inspired by the light and shadow cast by the rays of the sun when they rneet architectural structures. SHADOW's aesthetic personality is rnarked by its enorrnous lighting capacity, which is powerful enough for any room.

The designer

Jordi Vayreda

An interior and industrial designer, he lives and works in Olot where he was born and where he studied interior design at Olot Art School.

In 1997 he created JordiVayreda Projectteam, his own studio, where he designs, develops and executes projects for residential and commercial spaces and products. A creative studio that specialises in meeting the challenge of new projects, where vision and the value of design are differentiated in a deep, personal way. His works are characterised by a carefully thought-out style, which is welcoming and practical and where no details left to chance.    

The most industrial side of Jordi Vayreda comes from his nine years collaborating with the COINMA company, where he took part in different designs and developments, giving support to Sales Management and the Technical Manager of the business. He also designs different furniture collections and office interiors for important companies in Spain's industrial and public sectors such as Sacyr Vallehermoso, Audi, Deutsche bank, Televisión de Asturias, and the Gijón Art Centre.

In 2008 he became the only Spanish designer ever to be nominated for the British "Andrew Martin Intern...
















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